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Why does it not work in iMessage?

im confused


The app keeps crashing when I try to log in using Facebook. I can access the app through the link I was provided on Facebook. When I open the app and try to log in, the app crashes. Also I am unable to update my notification settings on my phone period, but I am able to on my desktop pc.


Crashes when I try to login via Facebook


It's garbage


It won't allow me to create an account😕

get it

looove it


Every time I try to log in the app, it keeps telling me to set a password via text message... which I have already done 4 times. This needs to be fixed. I can't log in to the app.

Working fine until recent update

App has been working fine up until today. Sent out message to cell twice and no one received it, unfortunately :-(

Buggy and short on features

While the concept is attractive, Celly is very buggy. Crashes on startup at times. Msgs don't update or are out of order. Sometimes don't even receive the msg. No way to save photos that are sent other than via screenshot.


I haven't used this app yet

Where am I

Is this Taco Bell

Not Oscar Rios

Okay app

Please fix!!!

Every time I try to search on my iPhone 4S the app crashes. Please please fix this!!!

Hella useful, smoothly designed

The easiest way to schedule messages and do other fancy stuff with my Celly groups when I'm away from my desk. Celly as a service overall is great because the group controls are flexible and it also delivers over web, email, and text messages. (And they care about privacy)

This is funny

I think the person who wrote the view above me is my section leader. So screw you! You were always a bad mouthing fungal infection on my chin hair! But I miss you hope your having a good summer;)


I am a section leader in band and I use this to send important information to my clarinets. At first it was working completely fine but then it started sending my messages out of order even when I sent each paragraph separately. Celly is such an useful app but it keeps messing up. Please fix this.

Pretty handy for group chats

I've been using this to chat with friends when we watch sporting events from different locations by setting up our own channel. And being able to post random polls is fun.


Currently this app is buggy: it does not show responses in real time. I'll be using the online version until this gets fixed.


I really enjoyed using Celly with my classmates!!!

Great App

One extraordinary thing about it is the form of privacy. It helps education to run smoothly when discussion is conducted through it. And it creates a place for people to engage in communication.

The best

Celly is hands down the best school networking app ever!!!

Little app, MUST HAVE!

Wow. The latest update shows how much passion has gone into building the app. The icons are bigger, messages come in smoother and faster on the app. Making cells and editing has become more user friendly. The little glitches from before have been smoothed out! I'm currently still in love with the poll function. Can't wait til we can send location (this is in the works, I hope!). Editing to add that I'd like to have ability to customize the placement of the cell on the feed. I have several cells and it becomes confusing when I have to search rather than know the first cell will be the one I use most (for example).

Cells just keeps getting better!

A great way to connect a group on the fly regardless of what cellphone someone does or does not own. Everybody is included in the conversation!

SPNN Anchormen

Great app, come watch SPNN sandy high news on YouTube

I like it

But I'm still not really sure what it is.

Great Work

one of the best SMS I've used ever. easily replacing KIK in my opinion.

Needs a lot of work

Many of the messages are missing and never load.

Works great as a private conference app

The only issue is the texts to connect a mobile phone don't ever come through. And it would be nice to be able to message groups rather than one-to-one. Works great otherwise.


Every time I try to go to someone's name and send a private message the app closes itself

Celly is my cuzins name


Smooth app

Sleek and less overwhelming than the web application. Easier to do the simple things.


This is a great app that just keeps getting better. It is the best thing I have found to keep my students in the loop as to what we are doing each week without having to create a massive chat but having the option to if I need it.

Sweet clean UI

Love this app, very well made

Works but could use some features

App does exactly what it says and does it well. It is easy to use and accomplishes its goals. The only thing is I wish you could adjust the rules of the cells you create so that the conversation type can vary by the time of day. I use the app with teenagers and I like it to be an open chat with my group but they don't seem to understand that continuing to use it after a certain time is bothersome to others. I wish that there could be a feature where I could make the chat curated after bed time but open during other times to control this.

I enjoy this

This app has made finding out information from school and friends 10 times easier. I would recommend it to everyone.

Great app and app creators

I had some suggestions for the app, I messaged one of the makers and he messaged me back right away. The apps great and it sounds like they'll be improving it even more soon.

Great app!

Very useful for ongoing group conversations!


This app is kind of annoying but works pretty good for big groups.


This app has really helped keep our club organized. 10/10 and 5 stars on yelp.

Best App on my iPhone

I use Celly in my work building, where I share a cell with nearly 40 other businesses. We promote events, offer special deals to our neighbors, and report suspicious activity. I also have a separate, private cell for my officemates. It has been such a help + the features are great!

Perfect for group communication

This app is a great alternative to mass texting, and it is especially nice for those of us who grew up in the BBS era and yet have found nothing to really emulate that functionality without being forced to use the web. At the same time, it doesn't really feel like a "chat room," so that's good. Interface is sleek and friendly as well.

Better than Flappy Bird!!

I agree completely with the reviewer who asked "Why aren't you using this app?" It's perfect for educators, parents and students!

Love it!

As a teacher and coach, this is incredibly useful. Remind 101 is great for push messages, but cel.ly is so much more! I use it to communicate with my athletes and parents all the time. Parent feedback has been great. By far the best communication tool for clubs and sports.

Perfect for Teachers!

I love this app! It's perfect for communicating with parents and for having students collaborate on projects, help each other with assignments, or ask teachers for clarification outside of class. It's great for one way communication, curated chats, or open discussions. It does it all! The support has always been amazing, and the update is slick. Thanks Celly for the great service!

New Look Is Horrible

Please change back to old look/style. This new one looks like something an old lady would design. Its too girly. Ugh...seriously.

Great app and great service!

Celly is a wonderful app to use as an AP teacher to communicate with my students. And today when I was having a problem with the app, the celly help desk was fabulous and quick to help me resolve my problem! Keep up the great work!

Why aren't you using this app?

If you are in education and like to communicate with your students this is the app for you! I use it everyday! I post announcements and homework hints. Students can easily celly me right back and ask more questions. I can work problems out and send them pictures to help answer their questions. All while keeping my number and their number private. And I have TOTAL control over who can join and who sees what. It's amazing! Try it! Gone are the days of "I didn't understand how to do the homework."

be jelly of celly

great way to communicate with a group. easy to use

Great take on messaging

Celly is a great app for coordinating with friends and messaging. It's easy to set up and works great. Cells work like meetup groups and setting them up is easy too. Great app!


Thank you for updating Celly! It was already an amazing app, but now it's beauty matches it's usefulness. I'm glad I can be a part of the Celly community. Keep up the great work.

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